Your notice must be received by the owner/tenant** and general contractor by the 45th day from the first day of contract work, or mailed by the 40th day from the first day of contract work on the job. All parties listed on the Notice of Commencement are also served.

The NTO is sent to all necessary parties by certified mail and/or regular mail, and we maintain a certified mail USPS Postal log as proof of mailing on time. Upon request we can send your notices by certified return receipt as well. Timely service of a Notice to Owner ensures your right to claim a lien.

If you are not contracted directly by the owner of the property you should send a Notice to Owner to secure your lien rights and/or bond claim rights.

When you send a Notice to Owner, you are effectively informing the owner of a property or of an improvement project that you are a subcontractor on the job. It is a way to make the owner aware that as a sub or supplier you should be paid before payment is made to the contractor on the job.

Please fill out the information you have available.

Notice To Owner Request

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    Please prepare and attempt to serve a Notice to Owner by Certified Mail, unless other method requested based on the information we have furnished above. Where you are able to determine that additional copies of the Notice to Owners should be served, please attempt to serve the additional copies. We understand that aside from the information we have furnished, you may or may not be able to determine who to send copies to. We hereby waive any claim against you that we now have or may have in the future because of your failure to ascertain who should receive the Notice to Owner.

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